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A good friend, and a very good photographer too, is establishing his own brand. He ended 2012 with a tough decision, and he’s on his own now. This website is put together only by a one single short meeting at the airport. It was just before I left Indonesia in October 2012. For the rest: we were bouncing off ideas and comments through skype, BBM, and e-mails. After thousand of kilometres travelling, hours of consultation and skype-ing, tons of emails, I present you: Bernardo Pictura, a photography portfolio, showcasing Bernardo Halim‘s passion in wedding photography.

The website is being served from a network of servers (CDN) to ensure fast load time. File and database caching are put into under the hood, with a dash of JQuery animations here and there. Social media integrations are an integral part of the site, every post are social media-shareable and every pictures are one click away to be shared on Pinterest.
As more and more mobile devices are being used nowadays, this website is also mobile device friendly.

Apart from the whole website and it’s shenanigans, I wish Bernardo all the best with this giant leap of his!

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  • 02 February 2013 at 05:08 Reply

    Thank you mas Marcel for every hardwork and time we spent in front of computer. Never tought before that personal blog that I planned to publish would be my new wedding photography stop. Hope we can be partner in crime, always.


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