Marcellino Santoso

Amsterdam, NL · Malang, ID

website developer and consulting · domain names, hosting and website management · hobbyist photographer




13+ years web experience

I have over 13 years (and counting) experience in most of the web disciplines and started from the ground up (notepad!). I am not only developing website, I am also website user. Aesthetically pleasing UI and a good UX is a must. Always keeping in mind that we are all, afterall, the user.

My work is My Pride

High standards. Period. You can have a one stop solution with me.  I can help you with your entire web strategy (web design, web development, domain & hosting management, marketing) or any part of it. Less hassle, higher efficiency and hopefully you can allocate the remaining budget to something else.

Sustainability & Documentation

New skills, techniques, trends are developing at a high rate even as you are reading this. Implementation of the new tricks will also benefit you and your website.
Time flies, people change, a good documented website doesn’t. In 2 years after being handled by 5 different persons, you can still always maintain your own website.

We are unique

No people are the same, and that should reflects in your sites. Custom built sites, unique in each and every aspects of it (except you specifically wanting otherwise, which is fully OK with me)

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ITPC Dubai

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NCHIV Conference 2015 – the Netherlands (ii)

NCHIV Conference 2015 – the Netherlands

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Toko “OEN”

My Canon Store

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Menara Lighthouse Wedding Photography, Jakarta

Karinding Attack

Oen’s Semarang Foundation Kota Lama

Forum komunikasi Perdami

Wangka Jaya Spesialis Lis Profil (Cornice) & Gypsum

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R&G Wedding Photos

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Indonesian Restaurant Toko “OEN”

Short Seminar Travel Photography

Monica Djatmiko

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Lustrum XIV SMAK St. Albertus Malang

Indonesian Restaurant Selecta, Amsterdam

Hospitality Magazine

Hosea S. Handoyo

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De Djadoelers

PWGeneration Events Invitation

Aryo Wicaksono

Alumni SMAK St. Albertus (Dempo)

Den Haag

Indonesian Restaurant Toko “OEN”

Toko “OEN”

ByMiel Wedding & Evening Gown

Trimate bv.


  • Alstair Bharata, Rotterdam – the Netherlands
  • Arif Bijak, Amstelveen – the Netherlands
  • Aryo Wicaksono, Tuscon – USA
  • Auteurs Reizen, Amsterdam – the Netherlands
  • Bernardo Pictura / Bernardo Halim, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • ByMiel Wedding & Vintage Dress, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Charlie M. Sianipar, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • De Djadoelers, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Emil Fahrinandi Sjahreza, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Emily Good-Perkins, Tuscon -USA
  • Fontessa de Ridder, California – USA
  •, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
  • GT Europe, Amsterdam – the Netherlands
  • HelloBird Wedding Invitations, Jakarta- Indonesia
  • Hoefler & Wertheimer, Berlin – Germany
  • Hogere Hotelschool, Leeuwaarden – the Netherlands
  • Hosea S. Handoyo, Scotland – UK
  • iAutomate – Haarlem, the Netherlands
  • Indonesian Restaurant Selecta, Amsterdam – the Netherlands
  • Indonesian Students Association in the Netherlands (PPI Belanda), The Hague – the Netherlands
  • Ivana & Geoffrey Keeton, Arizona – USA
  • JavaFresh Import export  – Malang
  • Knot’s Club, Hoofddorp – the Netherlands
  • – Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Macau Seafood Restaurant, Batu – Indonesia
  • Menara Lighthouse Wedding Photography, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Monica Djatmiko, Antwerp – Belgium
  • Nehem International, Heemstede – the Netherlands
  • Nicoline Patricia Malina, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Oen’s Semarang Foundation, Semarang- Indonesia
  • PeduliCharlie, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Postcrossing Project, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Premium Mentor Series, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • RayWhite Semarang, Semarang – Indonesia
  • Rumah Makan Gentong, Bandung – Indonesia
  • Skyligo BV., Amsterdam – the Netherlands
  • SMAK St. Albertus, Malang – Indonesia
  • Stichting “Kat in Nood”, The Hague – the Netherlands
  • ThinqSmart, Rotterdam – the Netherlands
  • Toko “OEN”, Semarang – Indonesia
  • Toko “OEN”, The Hague – the Netherlands
  • TomTom International BV, Amsterdam – the Netherlands
  • Trimate BV., Wateringen – the Netherlands
  • Wangka Jaya Specialist lis profil (cornice) & gypsum, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Wellington Kuswanto, Singapore – Singapore
  • Yulianus Firmansyah Ladung, Jakarta – Indonesia


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